Attention Span: Songwriting Has Undergone a Dramatic Change Due to This

Attention Span: Songwriting Has Undergone a Dramatic Change Due to This

Today's hits are getting shorter and shorter as attention spans decrease and competition rises, fundamentally altering songwriting in the process.

Because of our declining attention spans and heightened competition, the most popular songs of all time are among the shortest ever written.

The Science:

In a study published by Samsung in December 2020, researchers discovered that the typical consumer's attention span is currently 8 seconds. In comparison to a research that stated consumers had 12-second attention spans in 2000, this finding is 33% lower. Four seconds might not seem like much, but in the era of streaming, every second matters more than ever.

One of the two primary causes influencing the state of music today, according to the study's authors, is the shortening of human attention spans. The availability of content for customers through streaming is the other aspect, making it more difficult for musicians to capture and keep listeners' attention. These two factors are causing composers to reconsider how they create successful tunes. In fact, according to the same estimate, hit songs will typically last two minutes long by the year 2030. That is half of the duration of a popular 1990s song.

There is ample evidence to support the study's conclusions. Anyone can see from a quick glance at the streaming charts that the majority of popular songs are already under four minutes in length, with many being considerably shorter. 

So this is the crucial issue right now. What can you do about this as a music producer?

Our team of experts believes it's important to understand how the changing music landscape is affecting song creation. You must also be able to adjust with the times and figure out how to make your music more approachable for the general population. Making sure that your songs are punchier and shorter is one method to do this. Utilizing hooks and memorable melodies is another strategy for maintaining listeners' interest in your song.



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