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Brazilian Phonk & Funk Vocals Vol. I


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Vocal Hooks

Vocal Hooks - Mexe Na - 131 - Em
Vocal Hooks - Fogo - 130 - F#m
Vocal Hooks - Solto - 130 - C#m
Vocal Hooks - Shake Shake Shake - 136 - Cm
Vocal Hooks - Treme - 130 - Bm
Vocal Hooks - Tō Vi - 130 - F#m

78 Included in Full Pack, both Dry & Wet

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Vocal Loops

Vocal Loop - Boom Taka - 131 - A#m
Vocal Loop - Tō Vi #2 - 130 - F#m
Vocal Loop - Nossa Cançao - 126 - Fm
Vocal Loop - Com O DJ 2 - 127 - Cm
Vocal Loop - Toda Noite - 132 - C#m
Vocal Loop - Balança - 135 - Am

120 Included in Full Pack, both Dry & Wet


Vocal Shots

Brazilian Vocal Shot - 247
Brazilian Vocal Shot - 215
Brazilian Vocal Shot - 192
Brazilian Vocal Shot - 184
Brazilian Vocal Shot - 40
Brazilian Vocal Shot - 1

264 Included in Full Pack, both Dry & Wet


Drum Kit

BPV Vol. I - 808 - C
BPV Vol. I - Kick - G
BPV Vol. I - Perc - A
BPV Vol. I - Snare - G

50+ Drums Included In Full Pack

All sounds are mp3's at 192kpbs which is 25% of the final quality. Full Quality inside the pack.


Contains | 700+ Vocal Hooks, Loops, Shots / 1.9+GB Unzipped

Who Is RedRubix?

Brazilian Funk Vocals Vol. I

Dive deep into the captivating rhythms of Brazilian Phonk with "Brazilian Phonk & Funk Vocals Vol. I", a high-quality vocal sample pack for music production. Inspired by the legacy of "Funk carioca", known worldwide as "baile funk" or "favela funk", this collection resonates with the soulful sounds of Brazil & the viral Tik Tok Genre of Brazilian Phonk.

This Spotify-ready vocal sample pack is inspired by S3BZS, Slowboy, Kordhell, Diplo, MC Kevinho, MC Fioti, Anitta, Major Lazer, MC Mazzie, HUGEL, and others. It offers a diverse array of Brazilian Funk vocal samples, vocal loops, and hooks perfect for isoftware like FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro & more.

Our vocal loops and samples encapsulate the essence of Brazilian Phonk and Tech House vocals, ensuring your tracks exude a unique groove and rhythm. "Brazilian Phonk & Funk Vocals Vol. I" isn't just a vocal pack; it's a doorway to innovative music production. Within, you'll find over 700+ Vocal Phrases in both loop and shot formats, boasting a total uncompressed size of 1.9+GB plus a Drum Kit as a bonus.

Embark on a transformative journey in music creation with Latin Tech House vocals and the authentic spirit of Baile Funk. Make your tracks come alive and resonate with the pulse of Brazilian Phonk!

Introducing Brazilian Phonk For Serum Vol. I

Key Features:
Over 700 Vocal Hooks, Loops & Phrases: Offering both loops and shots, tailored for diverse music production needs.

Large Collection Size:
An impressive 1.9+ GB of high-quality, uncompressed vocal samples.

FL Studio, Ableton, and Logic Pro Compatibility:
Perfect integration with leading music production software.

Inspired by Industry Giants:
Echoing the styles of S3BZS, Slowboy, Kordhell, Diplo, and more.

Unique Groove and Rhythm:
Infuse your tracks with the authentic spirit of Latin Tech House and Baile Funk vocals.


Who Is RedRubix?


Contains | 700+ Vocal Hooks, Loops, Shots / 1.9+GB Unzipped

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Grigori Aizen
Next level!

This pack is insane!! Big up 🔝

holy god!!

super amazing!!!

Franklin Hille


Jason Hislop

I never write reviews on stuff but had to come through and say this. This is like 4 packs in one! So many vocals and vocalists and easy to use! had so much struggle finding vocals like this that are safe to use and release. thank you so much please do vol. 2!

Jon Bullion
Fire pack

been looking for vocals like these for a while

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