Dominate Brazilian Phonk.


Brazilian Phonk Vol. I


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  • Expertly Tuned
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Brazilian Phonk Vol. I


Instant Download.

  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Expertly Tuned
  • Instant Download

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Introducing Brazilian Phonk Vol. I

Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of Brazilian Phonk with our Spotify-ready sample pack. Inspired by artists like S3BZS, TRASHXRL, 6YNTHMANE, NXVAMANE, Slowboy, Kordhell & many more, we bring you an exclusive Phonk drum kit and melody loops.

Our loop kit, carefully designed for FL Studio, Ableton, and all other music production tools, boasts dynamic drum loops, each with individual stem track outs, ensuring you the ultimate customization experience in your music production.

Our meticulously crafted melody loops echo the essence of Brazilian Phonk, ensuring your tracks stand out. Elevate your music with our gritty drum samples and immersive FX. "Brazilian Phonk Vol. I" is your key to innovative music production.

Contains | 500+ Files / 2.00+ GB Unzipped

Who Is RedRubix?

Listen to some of the sounds.

Drum Loops

Laid Phunk Drums - 129 - F
Guerreiro Drum Loop - 130 - Am
Rio Drift Drum Loop - 130 - F
Rockus Drum Loop - 129 - F

Melody Loops

Carioca Cowbell Loop - 132 - Bm
Rebooting Melody - 130 - D
Deep Dive Siren Shots - 130 - F#
Rebooting Bassline - 130 - D

Drum Hits

Jawz Snare - D
Rio Drift Perc - A#
Drift Brasileiro Kick - Em
Tribo Clap - Fm


Gunshot Boom
Alien Faller - E
Mystic Texture - F
Force Impact - All

Who Is RedRubix?


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Brazilian Phonk Vol. I: Perfectly Keyed Samples for Streamlined Music Production

Explore the world of premium Brazilian Phonk with 'Brazilian Phonk Vol. I.' Every sample in this collection has been meticulously tuned to perfection, ensuring harmonic compatibility with your tracks. This precision allows you to focus more on your creative process, minimizing concerns about key matching. With 'Brazilian Phonk Vol. I,' speed becomes an ally in your creative journey. Ideal for music producers using FL Studio, Ableton, or other DAWs, our professionally crafted samples empower you to produce music with ease and innovation, unleashing your full creative potential.

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Brazilian Phonk Vol. I: Effortless File Navigation for Phonk Producers

Navigate with ease in 'Brazilian Phonk Vol. I.' We understand the hassle of sifting through complex folder structures, so we’ve simplified your experience. Our premium Brazilian Phonk collection is organized into just two subfolders, allowing you to quickly and efficiently find the category you need. This streamlined organization is perfect for producers in FL Studio, Ableton, or any DAW, who value quick access and a hassle-free workflow. With 'Brazilian Phonk Vol. I,' your focus stays on creativity, not on searching through folders.

FL Studio

Brazilian Phonk Vol. I: Universal DAW Compatibility for Phonk Music Production

Embrace the flexibility of 'Brazilian Phonk Vol. I,' designed for seamless integration with every Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Whether you're producing in FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, or any other music production software, our premium Brazilian Phonk collection ensures smooth compatibility. This universal adaptability makes it an ideal choice for all producers, allowing you to focus on crafting unique tracks without worrying about technical issues. 'Brazilian Phonk Vol. I' is your go-to solution for high-quality, versatile Phonk samples in any music production environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ryan Almeida

everything I need for baile funk, keep it up

Jose Cochran

Brazilian Phonk Vol. I

Lawson Webster

very good

Luis Poole
vlw ❤️

Sou do Brasil e aprovo

Remi Morant


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