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Delve into Loopsy's Sample Pack Collection, your gateway to the ultimate sound experience for genres like EDM, Phonk, and House Music.

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Introducing Brazilian Phonk Vocals Vol. I

Supported by the best.


8M+ Monthly Listeners


7M+ Monthly Listeners


1.7M+ Youtube, 900k+ TikTok


5.7M+ Monthly Listeneres


OWSLA, Skrillex, Deadbeats...

Masayoshi Imori

Monstercat, Sable Valley & more

Brazilian Phonk Samples Vol. I

Dive into the world of Brazilian Phonk with our exclusive Spotify-ready sample pack, perfect for fans of S3BZS, TRASHXRL, 6YNTHMANE, NXVAMANE, Slowboy, Kordhell, and more. Unlock new possibilities in beat making with this unique collection.

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